The age we all sherish

bright Dont be good, be great.

brothers good brothers

championsmile of a champion cooljust texted mum lol

cutespot light

maskbojuboju(the village mascurade) nose phonea bit shy away

smilesmile for the cam

toothsmilefinding technology fun


leather Art

dike copy

what more if not what we can thank GOD for, forever and ever…..the gift of art…….feel the track to sync with art…aliuomoakin design.

Agoreyo Oke: The Collage Artist

3197183Agoreyo Oke



Life-in-My-Citylife in the city 

Singing-Praisessinging  praises


When-Hope-Failswhen hope fails

His name is Agoreyo Oke,  a delta born Artist based in Nigeria.

both my primary and secondary education in Ogun State where also earned his degree from the Federal College of Education in 2009.

currently a student at the University of Benin studying Fine and Applied Art.

While experimenting with different mediums and improving his technique, Agoreyo Oke has developed a flair for paper collage paintings. With the exception of his majestic untitled collage depicting the mask of warrior Queen Idia of the Benin Kingdom, his works use paintings as a base for these incredibly detailed, colorful paper mosaics. Through the vibrant characters and textured settings in each piece, we are introduced to the artist’s rich culture and surroundings.
Born in Nigeria in the late 80s, Agoreyo Oke is currently a student of the University of Benin, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, majoring in painting. He has participated in a lot of exhibitions including “Life in My City Art Festival”, Enugu 2012 and 2013, and also the Spanish Embassy exhibition 2013 within Nigeria. His collages can be found in numerous offices, homes, private and public collections.

facebook contact:

phone number :+2348116972064

Shades of Grey

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Peter Asare is a young talented Ghanaian artist. Born in March 10,1993 in Manso Abore, a suburb of Kumasi. He currently lives in Abuakwa in the Atwima Nwabiagya district. He is affectionately called Lyricaca due to his artistic beauty and expressive quality.
He had his secondary education in Kumasi Academy where his talent was exposed after 2 years of study in the business class, he then moved to the visual art class to further nurture his God-given talent, he became familiar with almost all the artforms. He is now pursuing a 4 year degree program in B.A Graphic Design in the University of Education, Winneba (UEW). He challenged his elder brothers in drawing cartoon features at age 9.
Lyricaca has special abilities and can work in all art media, but his desire is to complete his mastery in pencil drawing then further move to pastels and color drawing. His works are based on African subjects and themes. In a year and half in pencil portraiture, Lyricaca has great works which include “Africa Covered “,”Exclusive Africana”, “El Cara Arrugada” and others.
1. Exclusive Africana
2. Black Cover
3. El Cara Arrugada; The wrinkled face
5. Morgan Freeman
7. My Mother! my Happiness

21st Century

instagram youth

money outlaw

watsapp smoker

A thought provoking series of illustrations titled ” 21st Century” that focuses on the Youth and Social Media by Jeffrey Otieno.

Here his synopsis, “He named this project ’21st Century’ because these are things that are currently happening in this era. Our generation (youth) is so obsessed with social media. Everybody wants a certain life style, fame, money. Many are lost in drugs, alcohol and crime chasing that cool life “swaag” and fast money, and really don’t take time to build their lives and careers. Nobody wants to work and endure for success”

Quite Apt.

[Link to his behance portfolio,]

Lost in Vain

IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4361 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4375 IMG_4389

for the sake of flesh satisfaction,

man will eat the forbidden fruit and drink poison,

forgotten that all warning are prescribed for his own good.

the appetite for pleasure often kills the nutrients of being modest.

at all cost stay real